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Help! I Want to Get Fit
Most people would like to be fitter, but where do you start? This book aims to provoke, prompt and persuade you to get fit!...
cena: 5.03
Everything That Happens to Me is Good
Everything That Happens to Me is Good is a distillation of thoughts, experiences and hard won philosophy on living and dying,...
cena: 12.60
Please Stop Smoking
Why do you smell like an ashtray when you hug me? Why do you get out of breath every time we play? We know tobacco can kill...
cena: 6.29
Exam Busting Tips - How to Pass Exams the Easy Way
Exam-Busting Tips is the one-stop expert guide to co-ordinating your lifestyle and your revision during any exam period, no...
cena: 3.76
What's Really in Your Basket? - An Easy to Use Guide to Food Additives & Cosmetic Ingredients
Do you REALLY know what is in the products that you are buying? Did you know, for example, that colouring in children’s...
cena: 38.14
How to Publish Your Own Book - Secrets from the Inside
When you’ve written a book you want to see it in print. You want people to read and enjoy it. The only thing standing in...
cena: 6.29
Help! I Want to Give Up Smoking
Focusing on the mental attitude required to give up cigarettes, this book provides tried and tested methods, tricks, tips and...
cena: 5.03
De-Stress for Exams
You may have 101 textbooks about your chosen subject, but this is the only one you’ll ever need on how to de-stress for...
cena: 3.76
A Book for the Seriously Stressed
Stress is something that affects everyone, usually by making them snappy and ill, and even causing death. For the rare few...
cena: 15.12
The Elephant and the Twig - The Art of Positive Thinking
In India, young elephants are trained in obedience by being tied to an immovable object like a tree. No matter how hard the...
cena: 12.60
Get Top Marks in Your Exams
Exams are looming. How do you ensure you get the marks you want? This little book is packed with practical advice and proven...
cena: 3.76
Essential Questions to Ask When Buying a House in France - And How to Ask Them
You’re planning to take the plunge and invest in your dream: a property and a life in France. How can you be sure to avoid...
cena: 11.33
Driving Test Tips
Don’t let preparing for your driving test drive you up the wall! With tips from instructors and new drivers alike for both...
cena: 7.55
How to Get Published - Secrets from the Inside
Everyone has a book in them, they say. Having gone through the process of extracting a masterpiece from your head what...
cena: 7.55
It's Easy Being Green - 101 Ways to Save the Planet
As more and more of us become aware of climate change we are beginning to look for lifestyle changes that will provide us...
cena: 5.03
How to Save Money - Hundreds of Money and Time Saving Hints
This book is designed to help you in many ways. While its main objective is to save you money, precisely how much you wish to...
cena: 7.55
Help! I Want to Work For Myself
A handbook for those thinking about taking the plunge and starting a business. It provides an overview of the options...
cena: 5.03
Household Hints - Top Tips and Amazing Advice on Running an Efficient Home
If you have a household to run, you know what an endless uphill struggle it can be to keep things under control. If you seem...
cena: 6.29
A Book of Inspiration
A collection of wise and witty writings to inspire the reader.
cena: 7.55
Shape Shifter - Transform Your Life in One Day
What if you could become anything you wanted? What if there was a method of practice that allowed ordinary men and women to...
cena: 10.07
Dictionary of French Building Terms
This essential dictionary and phrase book includes every term you need to know when buying, maintaining, renovating or...
cena: 15.12
Flying? No Fear! - Conquer Your Fear of Flying
Written by an airline pilot and a clinical psychologist, this combination of practical explanation and self-help techniques...
cena: 7.55
How to be a Writer - Secrets from the Inside
This exciting book takes you through all aspects of what it takes to be a professional writer in the publishing and media...
cena: 7.55
Fear - The Friend of Exceptional People
Don’t let fear hold you back from achieving everything you want to – let Geoff Thompson, author of Watch My Back and The...
cena: 12.60