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Success - Putting People First… - Money Second
Success is achieved by putting people first, money second. This is a new concept in Personal Development geared for the 21st...
cena: 19.04
True Wealth is Good Health - The Road to a Healthier Life
If you're fit and well, you can climb mountains, go jogging, play a sport, or just stay at home and enjoy good living. With...
cena: 19.04
How to be a Healthy Weight
To be healthy and happy, it's essential to be thin - or is it? For too many women, the 'right' shape remains an elusive...
cena: 58.95
The Single Girl's Guide
You’ve laughed and cried along with Bridget Jones and Carrie Bradshaw; now meet their real-life counterpart in Imogen....
cena: 43.70
Little Book of Flirting, The - Learn the Language of Love!
Welcome to the definitive guide to flirting in the 21st century. Learn essential tips, such as how to make your first...
cena: 19.04
Living With Him - Everything You Need to Know
Moving in with your man is a brave step: girls, arm yourselves with an air freshener and the number of a good electrician....
cena: 12.67
The Complete Carer's Guide
There are approximately seven million carers in the UK, and every day, another six thousand people take on a caring...
cena: 43.79
Simple Steps to Happiness
"Someone once said to me that people are as happy as they make up their minds to be. I believe that happiness is paramount...
cena: 19.04
The Thinking Person's Guide to Happiness
We all want to see our dreams come true, but research suggests that, while 70 per cent of wish things would change, only 2...
cena: 29.82
Stress-Related Illness
Surveys of stress-related illness suggest that more than 250,000 people in the UK are experiencing stress at a level that is...
cena: 58.95
Depressive Illness. The Curse of the Strong
If you suffer from depression you are not alone – it affects 15.5 million in the US, and more than 3 million in the UK...
cena: 58.95
Real-Life Diet Tips - Slimming Secrets That Really Work
Steady weight loss and improved self-image are not impossible. Anyone can do it. If you're fed up with miracle herbs and fad...
cena: 25.44
Cider Vinegar
Many people take cider vinegar every day, because they find it can help with arthritis, joint pain, gout, diverticulitis and...
cena: 43.79
The Unofficial Facebooker's Social Survival Guide
Ever woken from a night of revelry to find your drunken antics the subject of a tagfest? Ever accidentally wall-posted...
cena: 31.78
Living With Birthmarks and Blemishes
An estimated 400,000 people in the UK have some form of facial blemish, including birthmarks, burns, cancer, and scars from...
cena: 58.95
Living With Her - Everything You Need to Know
Lads, lay your claim to the remote control and reserve some fridge space. Now that you’re moving in together, there are a...
cena: 12.67
Overcoming Shyness and Social Anxiety
Boost Your Social Confidence The number of people with some form of shyness has increased, and research now suggests that...
cena: 43.79
Living With a Seriously Ill Child
Around 100,000 children in the UK suffer chronic illness, while some 20,000 families have a child unlikely to reach...
cena: 43.79
Coping With Diabetes in Childhood and Adolescence
Diabetes is one of the commonest chronic conditions of childhood, and is on the increase. It is estimated that globally more...
cena: 43.79
Wedding Planning
Planning a wedding can be one of the most stressful experiences people can go through in their entire life. With good...
cena: 63.63
The Power of the 21st Century Woman
Since the turn of the millennium, things have been changing for women. We have seen opportunities improving; you will notice...
cena: 19.04
Reducing Your Risk of Cancer
Myths and misinformation abound as to how to prevent cancer. While there is no way of saying for certain who will or will...
cena: 43.79
Stress in the Workplace - The Easy Way to Beat Stress and be Happy
Stress in the workplace reduces productivity, increases management pressures, and makes people ill in many ways. Evidence...
cena: 19.04
Coping With Coeliac Disease. Strategies to Change Your Diet and Life
Coeliac Disease is a digestive problem caused by gluten intolerance, which makes the body unable to digest everyday foods,...
cena: 58.95