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Maverick, The - Dispatches from an Unrepentant Capitalist
For eight years between 1998 and 2006, Luke Johnson wrote a regular column as ""The Maverick"" in The Sunday Telegraph. His...
cena: 82.75
The Naked Trader - How Anyone Can Make Money Trading Shares
It's back - and this time it's even more revealing. In this completely updated and expanded edition, top trader Robbie Burns...
cena: 63.63
Communicating With More Confidence - The Easy Step by Step Guide
Communicating effectively should be the simplest thing in the world, we talk and listen - or do we? And is that all there is...
cena: 63.63
Fundraising for Your School - The Easy Step by Step Guide
This book will help those schools who wish to generate extra money outside of statutory funding to fund innovative projects,...
cena: 63.63
Entrepreneurship - The Seeds of Success
Challenge the normally accepted limits of ""what is possible"" in business Entrepreneurship is usually associated with...
cena: 82.75
Motivating Your Staff for Better Performance - Build Trust and Motivate People
Business owners and managers are under increasing pressure to perform. Never has there been a better time to practice good...
cena: 63.63
Managing Change - Adapt and Evolve Your Organisation to Keep Ahead in a Changing World
A certainty in life is that things will change - sometimes bringing new experiences we enjoy and at other times those we...
cena: 63.63
Writing Newsletters and Articles - Write Successful Articles That People Want to Read
What makes a successful newsletter? How do you structure an article that people want to read? How do you secure a commission...
cena: 63.63
7 Biggest Mistakes When Making Sales Calls
You need customers but don't know how to get them. You do NOT want: gurus talking in lofty terms about having the right...
cena: 38.14
Successful Selling - The Easy Step by Step Guide
We are all in the business of selling. Selling our products and our services, selling our company, and especially selling...
cena: 63.63
Being Positive and Staying Positive - Even When the Going Gets Tough
Changing work patterns, pressures of this fast-paced life, family problems, life-cycle changes, and poor health can leave...
cena: 63.63
Better Budgeting for Your Business - Optimize Your Company's Financial Perfomance
In an increasingly cost conscious world, control over your organisation's income and expenditure is vital. For most...
cena: 63.63
Recruiting the Right Staff - How to Get the Best People for Your Business
Employing the right people is critical to the success of any business. Appointing the wrong person can be expensive, not...
cena: 63.63
Writing Advertising Copy - How to Write Winning Copy that Boosts Response Rates and Gets Results
Copywriting is easy, isn't it? Just put a few words together and stick it in the newspaper, or send out a letter and wait...
cena: 63.63
Are Your Customers Being Served? - How to Boost Profits by Delivering Exceptional Customer Service
Many organisations chase the Holy Grail of obtaining new customers, spending time, money, and energy on winning them only to...
cena: 63.63
Golden Rules - Effective Listening
You've got through to the prospective customer either or the phone or in person. It's taken preparation, effort, persistence...
cena: 38.14
How to Get Rich - The Distilled Wisdom of One of Britain's Wealthiest Self-Made Entrepreneurs
This is a book about getting rich. It's different from any other book on the subject because Felix Dennis made himself rich....
cena: 63.63
Fewer, Shorter, Better Meetings - How to Make Your Meetings More Effective
This easy step-by-step guide will show you how to make meetings more effective; how to get meetings off to the right start;...
cena: 63.63
Golden Rules - Handling Objections
You need new customers. You've got your list of prospects. You are prepared to make the phone calls and press the flesh. But...
cena: 38.14
Telemarketing, Cold Calling and Appointment Making - The Easy Step by Step Guide
Telemarketing presents companies with some great opportunities to win more business. If done professionally it can help you...
cena: 63.63
Building a Positive Media Profile - The Easy Step by Step Guide
Editorial coverage carries at least two and a half times the weight of advertising. It is a very cost effective way of...
cena: 63.63
Writing a Business Plan - And Making it Work
Why should you use your valuable time creating a document that tries to look into the future while the world is changing...
cena: 63.63
Marketing to Win More Business - Actively Market Your Business to Attract Customers
In order to grow and survive in business, boosting your customer base and increasing your sales from those customers is...
cena: 63.63
Stress and Time Management - How to Reclaim Control and Redress Your Work-Life Balancev
Time is a wasting asset, because once it has been spent, it can never be retrieved. There is no such thing as a refund, and...
cena: 63.63